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Software Information and Downloading

We currently provide two Email software system for you to send emails via satellite communication network.One is Skyfile email system that using FranceTelecom LES, and another is Amos email system that using Holland Xantic Telecom LES. .

Skyfile Email System - e-more, pay less

     With the new SkyFile Mail software for mobile satellite  communications, the transfer of email, e-fax and SMS messages via Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and now even Globalstar is more reliable and cost-effective than ever. The new SkyFile Mail is compatible with RBGAN, MPDS and, of course, the new BGAN Service.

Stay in permanent contact with SkyFile Mail! Your main cost-saving advantages:

  • SkyFile Mail reduces connection times by up to 90% thanks to data compression, shorter connection times and reliable duplex-mode (bi-directional) data transfers
  • The SkyFile Mail software and its usage are free of charge; no monthly fees or licence costs for the full version
  • With built-in ?rash recovery? if a SkyFile Mail connection is interrupted, it automatically restarts at the same point at which transmission stopped, saving both time and money. Automatic notification of incoming e-mail avoids having to check the mailbox - another substantial savings feature
  • SkyFile Mail is compatible with all Windows operating systems (starting with the 95).
  • The software can be used in circuit mode on Inmarsat-A, -B, -B HSD, -M4, -M, -Mini M, -Fleet, Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar and is fully compatible with MPDS, Regional BGAN and BGAN.

Other features for a comfortable and user-friendly handling

SkyFile Mail offers a variety of additional functions and features specially developed by France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications, such as multi-user component, split billing, web mail interface, crew e-mailing solutions. Anti-virus and anti-spam filters as well as black and white lists protect users from unwanted e-mails, spams etc. Using the ?uick install?button SkyFile Mail can be easily and quickly installed.

Click here to download SkyFile Mail V7.0 and product sheets for maritime and landmobile SkyFile Mail users .


Amos Email System

AmosConnect integrates email, fax, telex and GSM text into a single messaging system. This user-friendly and yet highly sophisticated solution can be tailored to meet your needs for mobile connectivity from small yachts to large fleets of commercial vessels. We have now introduced an AmosConnect basic version with which can enjoy many of the benefits of AmosConnect for free. You then have the option later to upgrade to a higher version as and when your email needs change. Whichever package you choose, AmosConnect ensures you significant savings in time, money and administration.
The AmosConnect basic version has no monthly subscription fee so you do not have to complete an Application Form to create an account.

From here you can:

Latest AmosConnect Software Version and Installation Data Now available for download

Latest News:

AmosConnect NOA/D-USCG

December 2005

Version 1.5.1 Now available for download

A new version (1.5.1) of the AmosConnect NOA/D USCG application is now available for download. This new version is not a critical update and upgrading of the shipboard version is not strictly necessary if you have version 1.5 already running onboard. If you have not upgraded yet to version 1.5 or higher we urge you to do so otherwise the USCG might reject your notices next month.

What is new in version 1.5.1?

  • Upon many request of AmosConnect NOA/D users we have reintroduced in version 1.5.1 the option of a US-to-US Notice of arrival. It turned out that the omission of this option led to confusion.
  • To increase the usability of the application we added ?dd, Remove and Edit buttons to the Crew list, Passenger list and Cargo list tabs.
  •  And last but not least it is now possible to move the position of a port in the ?ast five ports?list.

Please see the special AmosConnect NOA/D USCG webpage to download the latest version.

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