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    MOBILE COMMUNICATION NETWORK LTD.was originally established in 1992 and has been consistently engaged in wireless and satellite communication services. We are a service provider for VSAT,Iridium and Inmarsat, as well as a developer and supplier of maritime mobile terminal products and application software. Our services span various sectors including government departments, ocean-going freighters, fishing boats, marine research, disaster relief, media, mining, and the oil and natural gas industries. Currently, more than 8,000 satellite terminal devices are using our services.

    Our company's independently developed terminal and peripheral products have passed Iridium and Inmarsat certification and have been widely accepted in the market. The software apps and platform systems that we have developed based on market needs are now in use in the open-ocean market and have shown promising results.

    Leveraging our rich experience in satellite mobile communication solutions, and supported by professional engineering and marketing staff, we are committed to offering you comprehensive satellite mobile solutions as well as better and more diverse products and services.